Tender Management Data

Evaluate the true transit times from more than 95 Carriers Worldwide

Qwyk takes the hassle out of Tender Management

Find out here how we've helped a large multinational freight forwarder streamline their tender management data.

Tenders are time consuming processes with a potentially high error rate. Running these processes is costly and customers take the provided information on price and service to benchmark your actual performance. To receive accurate information from carriers on transit times is difficult and often results in a manual process. Qwyk is now taking a big part of the hassle out of Tender Management and is helping you to automatically evaluate the transit times on all lanes and to forecast them based on historical performance.


The Problem

A large multinational freight forwarder...

...for years relied on transit times provided by its carriers to fill its Tenders. The problem was that the information provided was not always matching reality and benchmarking the vendors was a heavily manual process.

The Solution

Based on our large repository of carrier schedules...

...we suggested to provide a monthly overview for preset carriers and lanes. To allow the customer to use actual schedule data to complete their Tenders.

The Execution

We extract the published data...

...of all nominated carriers on a monthly basis and provide a consolidated report identifying to the customer:

  • Carrier
  • Service Loop
  • Minimum Transit Time
  • Maximum Transit Time
  • Mean Transit Time
  • ETDs and ETAs

The Result

The client is able to upload the consolidated information...

...into its Tenders and has realized a significant reduction of manual work and causes of errors. The data feeds are now permanently embedded in the client's Tender Management process.

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