Optimize your Processes

Reduce time spent manually inputting data, and focus on the things that matter

Whichever way your clients prefer to do business, QwykPortals can help

Logistics being the massive network oriented business that it is, a lot of time and effort is spent acquiring, filtering, and disseminating information between different parties to a single shipment. And while we'd like all of our customers to book online so information flows automatically, we cannot get around those that prefer to pick up the phone. When the customer prefers to speak with someone, we're providing a service and value is created by enhancing that relationship. Conversely though, when a customer is forced to call or email because they cannot get the information in a more on-demand or expedient manner, value in that relationship is lost, as well as valuable time and effort. Digitizing logistics, to us at Qwyk, is not simply about forcing your business into an all digital model, but rather enhancing your existing model through digitization in a way that creates value and reduces waste.

Integrations & Management by Exception

While it may seem trivial on its own, we do recommend to integrate your systems as much as possible. Not only does it reduce manual efforts for your staff to get their online bookings flowing into your TMS directly, it also reduces potential points of failure where costly mistakes happen. If the data comes straight from your customer, these is very little chance of your operators getting anything wrong, or missing out some important datapoint in the process of copying the instructions, as they simply won't have to.

We enhance that by making sure that as much of the information from within QwykPortals flows through the process. Your customer has a quote for something they'd like to ship? Convert that quote into a booking so as much of the information is copied and your operators know exactly what to bill.

Your TMS, a single repository

Very few things are as frustrating to administrative staff as having to update a single piece of information across different systems. It's where significant errors and omissions happen and your data will end up being all out of sync. Your customers won't know what's going on, your staff won't know what's going on, turtles all the way down. We integrate with your TMS to make sure that when your operators confirm a booking or update a milestone, your customer sees the exact same information. Maintaining your TMS as a 'single source of truth' not only reduces frustration and errors, it also makes Business Intelligence that much more effective.

How we integrate

We're partnered with logistics integrators Chain.io (read more about that here) which means that QwykPortals, out of the box comes integrated with a large number of commercial ERPs and TMS's. Nonetheless, if your system is not already integrated, we can work with your vendor or your IT team to establish the connection in an expedient manner.

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