Increase Sales Channels

It's about making your sales staff more effective

Broadening your Sales effectiveness is built-in to QwykPortals

Which would you rather have your sales staff do? Answering multiple quote and other various requests per day, or having them go out selling your products and discovering new opportunities for your business to grow? Many businesses are now finding that by automating the repetitive tasks related to their sales cycle, their staff frees up time that they can spend to increase customer satisfaction, stickyness and even work on opportunities in parts of your business that don't receive the spotlight every day.

Online Quoting

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Customers can quote instantly from your portal

We fetch the rates from your tariff management software.

Save prices into a formalized quote that can be shared with colleagues. Differentiate per product and highlight “fastest” and “most economic” options for your clients

No rate or rate not good enough?

We remove the questions from online quotes.

When we don't find a rate to present to your customers, or if they wish to ask you for a better rate, the can simply raise an Request for Quotation that we'll route to your designated staff for further follow up.

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Allow clients to book based on their quote

It takes less than a minute.

Reuse of all available data from the quote for the booking. We store a traceable quotation reference in the booking so your operations know what to bill, and you know how many of your quotes convert.

No rate management yet?

We've partnered with SimpliShip to provide you a fully integrated solution.

Managing your rates is a chore. But it's a must to be able to quote online. Our partners at SimpliShip help you maximize your rate output, while minimizing your maintenance efforts.

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