Global Schedule Management

Automate your global schedules with data from over 95 carriers

Built for and by freight forwarders and NVOCCs to take the pain out of schedule management

Many carriers have their schedules as a central feature on their websites, and it's easy to work out why. There is no better way to showcase the services you offer, and often times customers rely on this to find out whether they can ship with you. As a forwarder however, maintaining schedules is a chore, you rely almost exclusively on data from other parties and need to combine different routes and services in such a way that they make sense in the real world.

Using our unique approach to schedule maintenance this is no longer a problem.

Based on rules, not legwork

Given that your schedule is based on those of the carriers, NVOCCs, and airlines that you use, you'll find yourself looking up their schedules and somehow collating and inputting those into your systems to build your own. We take the manual effort out of this process by letting you define an allocation table, or routing guide, where you link carriers to tradelanes and set up filters. Combined with the data of over 90 carriers, consolidators and airlines that we have, you'll no longer have to input every single schedule.

It's much easier to maintain a set of rules than schedules for each individual lane, and so when your customers look up your schedule, we'll be able to tell what carrier(s) you prefer, and what loop. We then pull their schedules and display them as if they were your own.

Multimodal and multileg

Have a complex business such as LCL where you're routing cargo across multiple hubs and modes? No problem, set up complex multimodal, multileg routes and we'll combine all required options. Using our pre- and oncarriage functions you'll even be able to attach road, rail, and barge haulage to inland terminals where normally no schedules exist.


Want to supplement your carrier's schedules? Map and upload spreadsheets and CSV files easily from within our application, or simply mail them to a customized email address and we'll automatically load them for you.

Integration ready

Building your own app, or want to have a schedules widget on your homepage? Our data is available via API so you'll integrate it with whatever system you like in just a few minutes.

Gain insights

Track search behaviors and find out what your customers are looking for. We'll alert you of any lanes we couldn't show them schedules for so you'll always know what services you might need to consider adding.

Got another use case?