Enhance Visibility for your Customers

Provide full Track & Trace, Shipment Management and Reporting

QwykPortals gives your clients full visibility on each of their shipments

Clients love visibility! And they are used to it from their daily lives. From tracking their Uber Ride to following up on Amazon orders. Digitally enhanced visibility has changed everyone's expectations when interacting with a brand, and this is now also defining customer expectations in shipping. Shippers taking a $5 Grab-Ride in the morning to the office expect at least the same full visibility on status and location when dealing with their $100.000 shipment and Forwarders who can fulfill these needs will be leading the race for the Shipper 4.0. With QwykPortals you will be able to provide full visibility immediately. Don't leave your clients in the dark anymore and keep them updated about every milestone of the journey.

Shipment Management

Track & Trace


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Make Shipments Visible in Real Time

Important activities are displayed and customers receive email and in-app notifications.

See individual shipments or all your cargo on the move, zoom in and see the status of the milestones changing in real time if linked with your TMS.

Collaborate on active shipments

Customers can manage and track their shipments through a collaborative interface.

Milestones and events are automatically updated if linked with your TMS. Let the customer interact directly with your operators on the platform and respond to status changes if needed. Keep track of all milestones and communication with the client on shipment level.

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Manage important documents

Let shippers upload and share their documents.

Never lose any item of your documentation anymore and work cooperatively with your client. Keep all relevant schedule information in a summary easily available together with all references related to the shipment.

Reporting, built-in

Shippers needs data, lots of it.

Enable them to build, download, and even schedule their own reports for all transactions with you. Your customers will love you for it.

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Integrates with your TMS

We're integrated with numerous systems, out of the box.

Our partnership with the freight integrators over at chain.io means we're probably already connected with your system. No long implementation times and fees for you.

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