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Automated schedule management for logistics providers

The best forwarders manage their schedules smartly.

QwykSchedules is built for and by freight forwarders and NVOCCs to take the pain out of schedule management.


Manage a full global & multi-modal schedule without regular manual maintenance by your staff.


Customers are able to access the schedules online through a fully customizable website that mirrors your brand.


You can integrate the schedules into their ERP, websites, apps and anywhere else they may need them.

Branded and customized schedule page for your company?

Customer Schedules Page
QwykSchedules Providers Screen

We provide access to real-time schedules of over 70 Air, Ocean FCL & LCL providers.

QwykSchedules Routing Guide Screen

Our application lets you define your carrier nominations in a Routing Guide for each product on a global-, regional-, and port-level.

QwykSchedules Routing Guide Screen
QwykSchedules Process Screen

Whenever someone searches for your schedule, we pull the allocated carrier from your routing guide, get their schedule and transform it.

QwykSchedules Customization Screen

Your schedules are served in a webpage you can fully customize, or delivered through web- services to be used in Apps, and other places.

QwykSchedules Customization Screen

So much more than just schedule data


Data served is obtained from the carriers in real-time, eliminating discrepancies between schedules.


Attach your own pre- and on-carriage schedules to serve your customers point-to-point solutions.

Multi-modal, Multi-leg

Tie together routes across products and hubs to compile complex schedules.

Dynamic rule-based

Create rules to offset dates such as Origin Closings, taking into account weekends and holidays.

Map and extend

Build on our 70 providers with mappable and uploadable schedules that connect directly into your routing guide.

Gain valuable insights

Track and review what your visitors are searching for with out Reports.

The #1 schedules solution for Freight Forwarders and NVOCCs.