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Plug-and-play eCommerce for Freight Forwarders

Provide unparalleled visibility to your customers.

QwykPortals establishes your online presence in a few clicks and lets you become a fully digitized freight forwarder.

Qwyk Portals

Connect customers

Shippers love visibility. Allow them to sign up to your branded eCommerce portals and run their transactions instantly.

Qwyk Portals

Automate sales & ops

With online quoting and booking, not only will your sales and operations staff be able to focus on expanding your sales pipeline and managing freight, your customers will love you because they get what they need instantaniously.

Qwyk Portals
Qwyk Portals

Track activity

Gain valuable insights into your customers needs by tracking the quotes they generate and whether they've converted.

Not just another portal

Ultimate visibility

Enlighten your customers by providing them the process visibility that they've long been wanting.

Integrations first

We'll integrate with your rate management system to serve your current rates and push bookings to your ERP.

Plug and Play

Get set up immediately, as long as we have an integration with your rate management system, we can have your portal online in minutes.

Reduce lead times

Never again need your customers need to wait on a quote or booking confirmation, allow them to generate everything by themselves.

100% Customizable

Match your branding to the tee so your customers never even realize they've left your corporate website.

The top standalone eCommerce platform for Logistics Providers