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Your entire digital freight business
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QwykPortals gets you quickly established as a digital freight forwarder. A completely branded and customized portal for your business that enables your customers to do their business with you online. From schedules, to quotes, to bookings, and reporting, we've got you covered. Learn more about individual features on this page, and be sure to check out our use-cases.

We provide a suite of applications that serves both your customers and your teams, select one to view the features.

QwykPortals Quotations


Reduce your cost-of-sales and conversion times.

Significantly improve on your cost-of-sales by letting your customers quote online. Be it spot or contract rates, we will show them the pricing you've got setup for them and let them convert their quotes into bookings in just a few clicks. Save time for both your customer and sales staff.

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Give your customers better visibility into the services you offer.

With built-in schedules, you'll set up your own schedule site in a few minutes. We give you the tools to get the data of the cariers you use, and our smart routing guide automatically picks the allocated one based on the customer's search critiria. No more maintaining schedules manually or simply foregoing them entirely.

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QwykPortals Booking


Transform your processes, take your bookings online.

Instant acknowledgements for your customers, less time keyboard punching for your operators. With QwykPortals your customer can turn a schedule, quote or P/O into a booking in seconds. And using our many integrations we'll push it into your TMS instantly.

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Shipment Management

Direct collaboration between your customers and your staff.

Give your customers 360° visibility, 100% of the time, and enable them to take care of their shipments together with your operators. Within QwykPortals your customers will have a full view of their running shipments with you.

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QwykPortals Shipment
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Track & Trace

Don't leave your customer wondering when their shipment is due to arrive.

With track & trace integrated into your TMS, your customer will always know the whereabouts of their important shipments. You'll have full control over what milestones to show them. Meanwhile we'll send them a notification, both in the app and by email, when a milestone is updated or reached.

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Advanced Reporting

Give your customers better visibility into the services you offer.

Maintaining visibility of many shipments, across multiple vendors, regions and products is hard. Both BCOs and Forwarders face problems here. With our built-in reporting this is an issue of the past. Customers can create their own reports of any part of their business with you, and we'll even email them their reports on a regular basis.

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QwykPortals Reporting
QwykPortals Branding

Your Brand and Image

Your customers work with you because you're you.

Don't compromise on your business' image, QwykPortals is fully customizable to your brand. From colors, to media, and content, we give you the tools to show your customers: you're still you.


Not just an online app, integrates with anything.

Maintaining connections between many different systems is one of the biggest challenges the international freight industry faces today. But not to worry, We've already done the hard work for you. Out of the box QwykPortals is integrated with numerous different systems, so your quotes, shipments, milestones and other data will always remain synchronized.

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