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Qwyk, established in 2017, has developed an industry-leading, cloud-based schedule management platform used by the world's top logistics companies to provide service information to their customers. Today, Qwyk is responsible for serving thousands of sailing schedules on behalf of the companies that move our goods around the world. At the same time, Qwyk has created smart plug-and-play portals. These allow freight forwarders of all sizes to better and faster interact with their clients, increasing their customer satisfaction right from the start.


Qwyk builds a more integrated world through smarter logistics

In a globalizing economy, logistics impacts everyone. We believe in driving forward efficiency at those companies that arrange the movement of our new clothes, food, medicine, luxury items, and so much more. Logistics companies that approach technology and digitization strategically, improving their customer touchpoints and operational decision-making, are setting themselves up to be most competitive. When the smartest and most efficient companies move our goods, everybody ends up winning.


Facilitating trust, convenience, and efficiencies in international logistics

We believe in a future of genuinely integrated international logistics, for the benefit of a globalized society. With our products, we want to generate trust amongst international market participants and increase the convenience of doing business in the highly complex structure of global trade.


Martyn Verhaegen

Martyn Verhaegen


Martyn Verhaegen is the Founder and CEO of Qwyk. He is responsible for the strategy, operations, and engineering. Before founding Qwyk, he served as lead for Corporate Account Technology as top global consolidator ECU Worldwide. Having joined ECU in 2007, Martyn operated in roles ranging from Operations to Systems and Technology to Sales. As a product owner, he was jointly responsible for the redesign and development of ECU's internal and externally facing operational systems.

Harm Wessels

Harm Wessels


Harm Wessels comes to Qwyk with over 20 years of experience in the shipping and logistic industry of which he spent more than 12 years in senior sales and marketing positions. As the Chief Commercial Officer at Qwyk he overseas the sales activities of the company and is responsible for Qwyk's most important business relation: the one to its customers! In his previous role Harm was a member of the Executive Board with the global consolidator ECU Worldwide and was responsible for its top-tier customer segment.


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Connect your ERP, TMS, WMS, BI platform, or other systems to our cloud based platform, and we’ll handle communicating with the world. Whether your system communicates in legacy EDI, flat files, XML or the latest and greatest JSON APIs, we have a solution. Once you’re connected to our platform, you’ll have access to our best practice based integration solutions for sharing purchase orders, ASNs, status updates, documents, invoices, and more. We handle all the complexity of transforming your messages to your trading partners’ preferred formats.

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Rate Management

SimpliShip is focused on creating products that amplify machine-scale communications and industry-leading expertise required to keep pace in today's rapidly evolving supply chain. Delivered via SimpliShip’s API, LiNK enables companies of any size to provide instant international air and ocean freight rates. Customers can book shipments with you on the spot without ever having to leave your website.

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