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Qwyk was started in 2017 by me, Martyn Verhaegen, with the objective to advance international logistics through technology. Having previously worked in the industry for over 10 years at both a leading NVOCC/Consolidator and a Freight Forwarder, I first-hand experienced the significant benefits that well-executed digital transformations and implementations of technology can bring to companies, and by extension shippers and consumers.

Industry Challenges

At the same time, I observed challenges doing these implementations within one specific company. Primary of which is that innovation is often happening within the vacuum of a company and so across the industry, we see that companies generally end up with different solutions for the same problem. This has some direct consequences and side-effects. An example of a direct consequence is that, because of the nature of distributed organizations and networks, additional efforts need to be made to integrate systems.
By itself this will always be a consequence, however when innovation happens in a vacuum that integration effort becomes an exponential function of the number of participants. A shipper will generally use a number of providers, if each of those providers implement their own standards and systems for integration, the shipper will need to integrate with each provider seperately. Moreover, any innovation that has happened within a vacuum is strongly biased by the experiences and preconceptions of the people within that organization.

A major side effect of the vacuums is economics, if every company builds their own solution then each company must price that solution to receive an ROI based on at least 100% of the development and maintenance cost of the product. Additionally, there is only so much a given company can realistically do, and so with every company working by themselves to solve the issues with the highest priority, that leaves no-one to focus on those areas where each project is smaller in scale, but the aggregate of the efficiencies that can be gained is still massive.


The vision and objective for Qwyk is then to bring innovation and new efficiencies through scale. As a neutral partner to logistics industry participants we are perfectly positioned to solve the challenges I described above. When we implement a solution that scales, it means that every customer of the companies that use our solution only have a single integration methodology to account for. Economically, the cost of innovation is reduced and we can break the vacuum by building bridges, for instance by collecting feedback on an issue from all our customers.

We believe that this is not a zero-sum game: through efficient innovation and implementation not only our customers and we ourselves stand to gain, the efficiencies trickle down as far as the end-consumer.

Please do reach out to us in case you'd like to have a discussion about your business, technology and where they meet. Chances are we have a solution to solve a problem you or your customers are experiencing but we are also happy to provide advise.

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