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World's largest source

World's largest source

Of freight service data, including schedules, historical performance and much more!

From Quote to Invoice

From Quote to Invoice

With a free account you can start using Qwyk as the single point of contact for all supply chain interactions.

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Connecting the world

Connecting the world

Qwyk is the leading independent service provider that helps to connect logistics companies to their customers.

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Automated Schedule Management

QwykSchedules solves the problem of manual schedule management, no longer will you need to manually update spreadsheets or PDFs to inform your customers of your next departures. Tap into our source of over 70+ providers and let our Routing Guide Engine generate your schedules for you and your customers.

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eCommerce for Forwarders

Accelerate your business by moving it online. Using QwykPortals we will have you up in minutes with your own Quoting, Booking and Tracking platform. Reduce the time it takes your customer's to get a quote and minimize your staff's workload by allowing customers to find all info about their transactions with you, online.

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Put Qwyk to work preparing your customer schedules.

No longer will your staff need to spend time manually collecting your providers' schedules and converting them to your spreadsheets. Put our data and engine to work generating it for you.

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Qwyk-ly become a Digitized Freight Forwarder

QwykPortals establishes your online presence in a few clicks and lets you become a fully digitized freight forwarder.

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The Loadstar

Traditional freight forwarders the 'true architects' of transport

July 30, 2019

Traditional freight forwarders are the “true architects” of transport and, with the right tools, can beat fresh competition from digital disruptors and shipping lines. According to digital logistics start-up Qwyk, freight forwarders are well-positioned “to provide superior customer service to their rivals”.

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Port & Terminal

Innovator: “I don’t like to talk about disruptions. Cargo is moving. Let’s just do it better”

May 3, 2019

Freight forwarding is a huge industry. In the United States alone there are around 21,000 freight forwarding companies with combined annual revenue of $60 billion. The industry’s international trade association FIATA has membership of 40,000 forwarding and logistics...

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