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Qwyk is building a more integrated world through smarter logistics. Find out how we can move your business online and improve your customer success.

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Bringing your freight business online is easy and risk-free

Qwyk provides an inclusive and integrated solution to freight companies who want to bring their business online. Click the items on our checklist to find out more about our solutions.

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Meet the shippers needs of tomorrow

Forecasts say that "digital platforms market share is set to nearly double in the next 5 years. Forwarders whom do not prove agile in their adoption of new technology, they will find that they rapidly lose customers looking for the types of visibility, quotation and easy booking which digital forwarders can provide."

Boost your productivity

Reduce your operational touchpoints by more than 50 percent and boost your sales efectivenes by up to 70 percent. Get over a third more conversions out of your sales funnel through fast and direct responses on quotation requests of your current and future clients.

Enhance your forecasting

Gain valuable first hand market insights and be in the know of what your target clients are looking for. Leverage advanced analytics possibilities and never miss trends and opportunities anymore.

The benefits of becoming a digital freight forwarder

The benefits of digitization help more and more forwarders secure valuable market share in an ever-changing environment. Missing this trend could be comparably as fatal as ignoring the containerization in the mid 20th century. Qwyk provides an easy and affordable way to exceed the shipper's expectations of tomorrow. Stay ahead of the game and become a digital player today.